Smalt (or frit as it’s called in the glass blowing industry) is ground, colored glass.  It is adhered to the sign face and produces a great background for carved signs.  In a sense, it’s both light absorbent and light reflective. The color is permanent and will not fade.  There are a variety of colors available, but it’s  advisable to remember that when it comes to signs, you want a fairly strong contrast between the letters and the background.  It provides a great background for gold leaf.

photo of smalt used as background
Various colors of background smalt or colored glass


Gold Leaf

Gold leaf is essentially strips of nearly pure gold and applied with size to adhere to lettering and trim. Once applied it changes with the light and lends a  richness and dignity to carved signs..  It will not tarnish and is exceptionally durable.We use 23k German leaf.  It’s of the highest quality and actually thicker than other brands.

photo of gold leaf
23k German gold leaf