Custom Designed Carved Signs

Doctors signs, lawyer signs, dentist signs, all the signs we make are unique. We make professional signs carved in mahogany that will lend a sense of stability to your practice.   Other types of signs are often of the cookie cutter variety and lack the personal touch.  For example, at your law office,  you may want to have the Scales of Justice carved into your sign.  Include 23k gold leaf to add a richness not found with any other finish.   We custom design and hand craft all our carved wood signs and nothing we make is “off the shelf.”

 The caduceus is a time honored symbol for doctors that will look great on your carved wood sign.  Your practice may have a logo and we’ll be happy to work it into the design.  We provide a scale drawing with all our sign proposals.  The drawing is based upon information you provide for a truly custom designed sign for your office.  Furthermore, we’ll arrange for a site survey when appropriate, or you can provide photos of your office and we can work from there.

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Give us the pertinent information and we’ll design and price your proposed sign.  The How to Order page tells you what we need from you.