To Begin

Our residential signs are all unique.  We design all of our house signs and house number signs with your input.  All our carved signs are custom designed and made.  Where possible we like to have a photo of the area where your carved sign will go.  We need to know the approximate (or exact) size you want the sign to be, the wording you want on the sign, and whether there will be any graphics (image) .  With that information we’ll send you a scale drawing along with the price for the particular sign described .  There’s no obligation but we do require a 50% deposit when you place the order.

The Materials We Use

We use pattern grade mahogany for all our residential signs and number signs.  There’s no better wood for outdoor applications.  Anywhere gold leaf is called for we use 23k gold.  Gold leaf is durable and has no tendency to tarnish or discolor.  Gold paint does not hold up and invariably tarnishes to a dull brown.  If you want your residential sign to be legible at any distance make sure there’s good contrast between the lettering and the background; light on dark or vise versa.

Images On Your Sign

  If you want an image on your house sign you can either supply it or we can research and supply it for you.  Whether it’s a dog, flower(s), bird, or a blue heron, we’re up to the challenge.  The photographs contained here of various house signs we’ve made over the years speak for themselves.  A picture is worth a thousand words.