library signs shown here have been in place

Design that Fits the Surroundings

We enjoy making carved library signs because they offer an opportunity to design and carve images of things close to the heart.  We love books, children, earth globes, and all that’s related to libraries. Many of the libraries in the cities and towns of New England are quartered in unique buildings typical of their architectural period.  A good example of this is the Uxbridge Free Public Library c.1894.  The sign we designed and carved for the library in 2004 fits the building and the grounds to a T.  The color of the sign (gold leaf lettering on a rusty red) and the size fit well with the brick Victorian building.

On the other hand the Millville free Public Library is housed in a relatively contemporary building.  In this case we designed a sign approximately ten feet long by two and a half feet high that fits well under the peak of the roof at the front entrance to the building.  Again, we used a classic image (a young scholar reading a book by candle light) as a focal point for this carved wood sign. 

Library Signs that Last

The carved signs we design and make convey a sense of openness and stability.  In short, the person passing by feels welcome.  To that end we use South American mahogany for its durability.  Some of the library signs shown here have been in place for twenty years or more.  After some thirty years in place we just refinished the North Smithfield Public Library sign.

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