To Begin

Over the past 40 years or so Uxbridge Carvers has made dozens of carved church signs.   We make custom designed signs with input from you, the customer.  We can work with photos of the site that you supply or, if you’re in the area, we can meet you at the church for a site survey.  The following information is needed before we design and price your carved church sign: we need to determine the size the sign will be, whether it will be one or two sided, what the sign will say,  and if there will be any graphics or symbols. 

We have often incorporated a carved cross or other image into the signs design.  Please see the photographs of various church signs contained here for reference.  With your input we’ll send you a scale drawing of the proposed sign along with prices.  For your carved church sign to be legible from ant distance there must be a good contrast between the lettering and the background; either light letters on a dark background or dark letters on a light background.  The scale drawing we provide will be in color and we’ll offer alternatives. 

The Materials We Use

Uxbridge Carvers makes church signs, as well as all our carved signs, to last.  We use only the finest materials.  We use South American pattern grade mahogany because it’s one of the best woods for outdoor use and it is top rated for holding paint and has little tendency to warp or check.  That’s why it was the preferred lumber for building ocean going yachts for hundreds of years.  Where applicable, gold leaf can give your sign that special something to your carved church sign.  Gold leaf is durable and has no tendency to tarnish or otherwise degrade.  Gold paint, on the other hand will tarnish over time to a dull brown.