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Designing & crafting award winning custom wood signs for nearly 50 years.

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Carved wood signs convey a sense of dignity and warmth that signs made with other materials lack. With your input we’ll design your carved wood sign to fit its environment, whether indoors or outdoors, and we’ll provide a scale drawing with price(s) for your approval.

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Many of the wood signs displayed here had been in service more than ten  years when the photo was taken.  We make our signs to last and that’s why we use pattern grade mahogany for all our outdoor carved wood signs as it has a natural fungicide and holds paint better than any other wood. Add 23k gold leaf and smalt (crushed glass) to make your sign stand out; check it out on the Smalt Signs page.

We make carved wood signs for home and business.Our carved signs are found throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and as far flung as Texas, Maryland, Chicago , and Washington, D.C.  Please scroll down to find photos of some of the signs we’ve made over a 40 year plus span.

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carved wood law office sign

Signs for Professionals

We’ve made many carved wood signs for doctors, lawyers, dentists, veterinarians, etc. We design your sign to fit the area where the sign will be placed.  Click on the photo above to see a few examples of wood signs for professionals.

carved wood house number sign

Wood House Signs

We design our house signs and house number signs with your input to ensure that you get the carved sign you  envision.  We need the following input from you to do that: What do you want to say on the sign ? Name ? House number ? Do you want an image or design on the sign ? See more at carvedhousesign.com

carved wood church sign in Barrington, RI

Carved Church Signs

Uxbridge Carvers has been making carved mahogany signs for churches in New England and beyond for more than 40 years.  We often take our design cue from the doors of a church as they best show the overall style of the building.  You can also see us at church-sign.net

carved wood apartment sign . Two sided with gold leaf letters and carved tree

Apartment & Condo Signs

Picerne, Dimeo Properties, Forest Property Management, and Ferland Corp. are a few of the property management companies we’ve served over the years. We will provide an onsite sign survey and scale drawings for every project.

Carved Business Signs

In 45 plus years, there aren’t many types of businesses that we haven’t served.  Retail stores, restaurants, pubs, hair salons, and retail malls are among our satisfied customers.

Carved Signs for Schools

From daycare to university, our wood signs have graced the grounds of many varied institutions across New England.

Carved Wood Zoo Signs

Over the last 15 years we’ve made more than 50 carved wood signs for Roger Williams Park Zoo located in Providence, RI.  Brett Cortesi, the graphic designer for Roger Williams Park Zoo in Providence,RI designed all the signs shown here..

Carved City & Town Signs

We specialize in “welcome to” signs that welcome those entering towns all over New England.  Some of our signs and town seals  are prominently displayed in the meeting rooms of town halls and serve as a backdrop for their cable broadcasts.

Carved Signs for Libraries

We’ve  made a number of carved signs for libraries.  Most have a carving of books or some variant of books on the sign.

Smalt Backgrounds & Gold Leaf

“Smalt” is crushed glass that comes in a variety of colors and is used as a background for premium color & texture. It”s a great addition to your wood sign.

 Carved Eagles Etc.

The  carved  eagles shown here range in size between 6′ and 10′ tip to tip.  All are finished  in 23k gold leaf. 


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